Creation of an individual result slide

Sep 28, 2023

I'm creating some quizzquestions in Articulate right now. The result slide should show an individual result.

That means: The quiz contains 10 questions. If the user answers a question in the quiz with "No", he gets an order (A rectangle with information in it). If he answers the question with "Yes" there is nothing more for him to do.

After answering all questions, all orders of the user should be listed on the result slide. That means: all questions he answered with "no".

Now my question: Is it possible to do something like this?

I hope you can help me.

Greetings and thanks in advance.


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Judy Nollet

It is possible. 

  • Create a T/F variable for each question to track whether the user gets an order. For example, give these a default value of False. Have that mean they don't get an order.
  • Change the variables to True if the user answers "No." The "when" for this trigger depends on how the questions are set up.
    • If the questions have a button for submitting the answer, the trigger to set the variable to True could happen when the user clicks that button, with the condition that the "No" button is Selected. 
    • If the answer is submitted as soon as the user clicks either "Yes" or "No," set the variable to True when the user clicks "No."

On the results slide:

  • Create an object (text box or shape) for each potential "order." These should have an Initial state of Hidden.
  • For each object, add a trigger that changes its state to Normal with the condition that the associated variable = True. 

Unfortunately, this means that you have to lay out all 10 orders on the slide, but only some of them may show. And that doesn't look great. You'd have to use JavaScript to be able to show only the appropriate orders and rearrange them so there are no gaps, or to just compile the text of the orders. (Sorry, I can't help with that.)

Another option that would look better: Instead of hiding the objects, have their Initial state either look dimmed or be a filled rectangle with no text. In other words, the user would see an object for each potential order, but some of them would be highlighted to indicate that those are their orders.

Here's more info about conditions and variables: 

Judy Nollet

The problem is with the "when" part of the trigger on the results slide. 

A "when variable changes" trigger will only run if the variable changes on the same slide

The simple fix: change the trigger so it runs "when the timeline starts" (as in the attached version of the .story file). 

I'm sorry I didn't make that clear in my initial comment. 

Good luck putting the full interaction together!

Luciana Piazza

Glad to hear Judy was able to assist you, Steffi! Thanks so much for sharing your Hero knowledge in our community, Judy! 👏

Feel free to reach out in the E-Learning Heroes Community in the future with any discoveries or questions you'd like to share, Steffi! 

Hope that you both have a great start to the week ahead! 

Steffi Außerbauer

Hi Luciana, Hi Judy,

In fact, I still have a question regarding my result slide: Is it possible that the user can send the result to himself by eMail? It is not about a score, but about text with links that the user would have to send to himself.
We use a LearningManagementSystem and Outlook in our company.

In one forum I read that it works with Yavascript (but the post is already 10 years old). In another forum I read that this is no longer possible.

Would be great if you can give me feedback on this again.

Thanks in advance and best regards.


Steven Benassi

Hi Steffi!

Great question!

While e-mailing results isn't natively supported in Storyline, I have seen other users work around this with the use of JavaScript. I found some related discussions that are a little more recent. Hopefully, they can help get you started!

I'll open the floor up to our knowledgeable community who may be able to share some extra insight or suggestions!