Change in Zip File Contents

Did articulate change the files included in the Scorm Zip Folders?  In order to achieve the course performance I want, I had to edit the configuration.js which was in the LMS directory of the Socrm Zip.  I just published new versions of the courses and they no longer have configutation.js files.  Instead, they have scormdriver.js files in the LMS directory.  All in all, there are about a 3rd as many files in the LMS directory.

Here are 2 screenshots, one of the old file contents and one with the new.

When did articulate make this change?  Am I the only one who missed it?



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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Douglas!

Thank you for the thorough post.

We simplified the published output in Storyline 360 builds 3.39.21985.0 and later. We combined the following JavaScript files from older versions of Storyline 360 into a single scormdriver.js file:

• AICCFunctions.js
• API.js
• APIConstants.js
• Configuration.js
• lms.js
• NONEFunctions.js
• SCORM2004Functions.js
• SCORMFunctions.js
• UtilityFunctions.js

You can still modify your published output as you did before. You'll find all the same code from the legacy files above in the new scormdriver.js file.

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer!

Jane Maduke

Hi Katie, Thanks for your post! I'm confident I'm in the right place now.

I'm not sure what Douglas was trying to do in his Configuration.js file, but I recently changed the exit behaviour in the scormdriver.js file. (I wouldn't have found it but for Windows Search feature.) The default is SCORM_RECOMMENDED. But we want REDIR_CONTENT_FRAME.

Is there a way to make changes to the Exit behaviour without having to change the published file? 

From the scormdriver.js file: 

var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "REDIR_CONTENT_FRAME"; //used to control window closing behavior on call of ConcedeControl