Articulate Storyline publishing to LMS

I am having a problem publishing a project to LMS SCORM (Zip) as during publishing I am not being offered the file format that I require, in this instance ZIP. Previously I was, and still am if I move to a different project.

It seems that I have a problem only with the project I am working on so must have affected it in some way. If I continue to publish and look at the published directory there are files missing so even using zip to format the contents does not yield a favourable result.

Any ideas and or help will be appreciated.

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Brian Allen

Weird!  Super weird!!  I would definitely submit a case with Articulate support, if you haven't already...

Have you tried saving the file as a new file?  Or creating a new project and copying all of your slides into it?  Both are clumsy workarounds, but just curious if they would help or not.