Change Last Slide to display a FINISH> instead of NEXT> at the bottom of the screen


How do I change the NEXT> button to read FINISH> instead at the bottom of the screen using the navigation options that come with my Storyline-3 product? I can always create triggers to do so, but I would like the Finish to show up at the same place as Next, from an ID perspective, so learners are "looking" for a navigation option in the same place on the screen?



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Ren Gomez

Hi Aarthi,

Happy to help! You can change the text of the Next button by going to the Home tab, and select the Player icon. Choose Text Labels at the top, and at row 49, you can change the NEXT button to say FINISH by typing it in the custom text space.

Keep in mind; this will change every NEXT button to say FINISH on the player, as there is not a way to change the button text for only one slide. Hope this helps!

Aarthi Ramesh

Hi Ren,

I have in  fact made those customizations for a number of other text labels, so thanks for confirming I am on the right path! I was looking at a separate FINISH button for only the last slide to replace where the NEXT button is. I still need NEXT on the other slides. Hopefully Articulate will consider this feature add, in that case.

I appreciate your response!


Dale Baker

One other way I came up with is to go into the slide properties and customize that slide only. Deselect all the boxes and create a "Finish" button of your choice with the "Exit" trigger if that's what you want. It won't look right in preview, but works in published and/or 360 Review version.