using the tab key to navigate

Jul 14, 2012

When a user presses the tab key on the keyboard to navigate a storyline course (508 compliance necessity) and moves to the next screen, where does the tab arrive? Is is at the top left of the next screen so the screen reader can start reading from there, or does the user start out at the bottom of the next screen? This is a continuing problem with another software and I'd like to know if the "tab' navigation works better in storyline.

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Steve Flowers

On page loads, I believe most browsers reset cursor state to the top of the page when a new page loads. Unfortunately, Storyline doesn't include a skip links function or customizable tab order so all of the elements at the top of the page are read and cascaded through first. One way to possibly get around this is to setup a couple of arrows at the top of the slide so the navigation is reached earlier in the tab and read order.

I'd love to see some more dynamic options for cursor control and read order. Not a bad idea to submit a feature request.

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