Change logo on presentations

I've already published 2  Storyline presentations on Articulate Online. I'm trying to replace the company logo with this. I've emailed and asked and no one has been able to do it. How do I go back to the original Storyline projects to change the logo? The presentations went live today and it's really important that the correct logo appear.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Joanne! Matthew's right, the tutorial he mentioned contains instructions for adding a different logo if you need to do that (scroll to the part of the page that says "Choosing a logo and player controls."

Once you replace the logo, you can republish / re-upload to Articulate Online, and as long as the course title on the Publish window is exactly the same as the previous version you uploaded to AO, your republished course will replace the one you uploaded previously. (More details on that in this article.) Does that help?