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Dec 09, 2015

Is there a way to change a question type from Multiple choice to Multiple Response or will I need to rebuild the question slide?

Is there a difference between Multiple choice and Multiple response besides one has radio buttons and the other check boxes?

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David Jordan

The difference between multiple choice and multiple response is:

Multiple choice - Choose ONE answer.

Multiple response - Choose Multiple answers.

I suppose you could have a multiple response question with an answer consisting of only one choice, however, it has the possibility to allow for multiple-simultaneous answer selections to be the correct answer, if you so choose.


I do not know how to switch types, but i would like to. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Services SMPCA and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out. 

It looks like the users here were wanting to swap a question type once it was built. You mention a layout, so I wanted to verify what you were trying to do. Do you just mean a specific slide/question as was mentioned above or did you build a master slide for questions that you wish to apply? I just wanted to make sure I understood your question fully.

Aiko Yonamine

It's been our experience to keep things simple. We had encountered this frequently with our SMEs wanting to flip from multiple response to multiple choice questions. Over the years, we learned that multiple choice questions and feedback for every single answer as to why the choice is correct was most effective in elearning modules. We want to create short, simple, meaningful learning to make things stick. If you have too many busy questions, it almost becomes a distraction and noise. It makes sense to have this option in Articulate to flex rather than having to recreate the quiz. Hope that the developer will use this as an opportunity.

Shawn Connelly

I too just ran into this annoyance with Storyline 3 (latest release). I was hoping there would be a way to easily change a multiple choice question into a True/False. 

I am really disappointed that Storyline doesn't allow what should be a trivial change. Yes, trivial in the sense that I could do this with other authoring tools. 

After 3 or more years of authors asking, I suspect that this functionality will never exist. :(

Felix Franke

It would be a great feature, especially since you can save so much time reusing existing quizzes and editing them quickly and easily.

Just so I get this right: I can create a new question slide and copy-paste all the content into an existing quiz slide and that will work? That would be an acceptable workaround for me. In an existing quiz (esp. one with complex navigation like a Jeopardy or board game with dice) it would be a nightmare to adjust all navigation triggers.

John Morgan

Hi Erin,

The best way to go about changing a multiple-response question to a single-response question is to create the newly formatted question and then copy and paste the content of the old question into the new question. The feature request for changing this process has been submitted. This conversation will be updated when new information becomes available.

If there is anything else you need, please reach out!

allen nation

It is little annoyances like this that is forcing us to evaluate the new Captivate that is about to be released. We have to produce content quickly and there are so many small issues like this in Storyline that cause delays in development. Not sure if Captivate will be the answer, but now have to evaluate and see if it is time to switch back.