Change SL3 default story size?

Apr 12, 2018

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the default SL3 story size as we've had some templates developed that use a specific size 1152 by 768.

I know we can open via the template file so it would set the story size as part of that but it would be good if I could also define the default size in case anyone accidentally starts a new project and then imports a template slide.

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Nicole Mueller

Hi, is still this the case? 

I am producing a template for internal use and I would like to have my "internal customers" that using this template under "my templates" makes sure that  automatically they are using  the right story size (in my case 16:9).

Therefore changing the default story size would be important. 

Thanks, Nicole


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole,

If you're creating Team Slides for your internal use, the story size will adjust.

Here's what the documentation states:

To start a brand new Storyline project from the team slides browser, just launch Storyline and click Team Slides on the start screen. Your new project will inherit the content, slide size, and player settings from the team slides you choose (see below).