Change slider state to "step x of y" when moving the button

Hi, I would like to add some labels to a slider button that show the user where they are in a procedure... my idea was to put a label on the button thumb saying "step 1 of 4" (for example) when slider is at position 1, and when it goes to position 2, the label text changes to "step 2 of 4". I have seen other posts about how to change button colors or pictures, but not this. 

...any ideas?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi William,

In the attached example I have shown three ways of labelling the steps.

The first is just a simple text box in the middle of the slider that uses the slider variable to display the step number.

The second option uses multiple copies of the text box that are shown and hidden depending on the value of the slider. This option ensures that the "Step x of 5" always lines up with the slider.

The final option is just a variation of option 2, where the text box is aligned with the position of the slider button in each case. This then displays only the value of the variable in the middle of the slider button as it moves from position to position.

Hope this gives you some ideas.