Change state at Cue point does not work

Nov 14, 2023

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a cue point:

At a certain point in time on the slide, a shape should change its state. I have inserted a cue point for this purpose. Unfortunately, the whole thing doesn't work.

If I insert "When the timeline starts on this slide" instead of the cue point, everything works fine. The object changes its state, but - of course - at the wrong time.
What I then tried is to set a time ", i.e. the object changes its state after 8 seconds. This option does not work either.

I hope you can help me further.

Many thanks in advance and best regards.


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Steffi Außerbauer

Hi Ron, here is the file. It's the first slide of the chapter. It's like this: The problem described on the slide only occurs once the user has seen the entire chapter.
To do this, they have to click on the two icons on the slide to view the entire content.
When the user then returns to this first slide and everything has been viewed, a second audio is played and then the state of textbox 2 should change at cue point 2 - this does not work.

I hope you can help me further.

Best regards


Stefano Craba

Hi Steffi,

since the slide is set to "resume saved" when you came back the timeline doesn't restart (even if you have an audio playing)

there are different ways to approach this, this is what I did:
I've moved the audio in a layer and changed the trigger to "show layer" when "ovals are completed";
added the trigger to change "text box 2" at cue point in the layer;

hope it make sense and helps you;