Change state based on drop target

Jan 19, 2016

Hi there, I am looking to have a scale on the slide, then have users drag and drop items onto the right side of the scale.. as they drop item by item the scale gets heavier and heavier on the one side and the image adjusts accordingly.

I have it working with states - so drop item 1 onto target, change state of scale to 1. Drop item 2 onto target, change state of scale to 2. That works fine, what I want is for the user to drop the items in random order and for the scale to get heavier and heavier following the order of the states, state 1 state 2 state 3.

In other words user can drop item 2, then 3 then 1 - the scale state changes from 1 to 2 to 3 respectively (regardless of the dropping order of the items)

Does this make sense? Is this possible? I've attached the .story file

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Preston Ruddell

Hello Mazz!

I've attached my solution.  Here's what I did:

  • I added a slider off stage.  The state of the picture now corresponds to the value of the slider.
  • I added hotspots over the initial spot of your boxes. 
  • I added triggers to the shapes - When you move them on the scale, each box will add 1 to the slide (and change the state of the scale).  When you move the box back to it's initial position, it will subtract 1 from the slide (and change the state of the scale).

There is probably a simpler way to do this... but this didn't take long for me to set up and seems to get the job done.  I hope this is what you were looking for :)

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