change the color in the result review

Feb 25, 2013


I'd like to change the red and green colors that appear in the for correct or incorrect answers in the result review. Is that possible? if yes, how do I change the colors?

Thanks for your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Larissa,

Which red and green colors? Do you mean the bars that appear along the bottom?

If that's the feature you'd like to change, it's currently not possible to edit this bar. However, you can use a workaround that Steve Flowers posted:

Overlay the feedback bar

Also, if you'd like to see this type of functionality in Storyline, please submit a feature request to our development team:

Articulate - Submit a Feature Request

Good luck with the project! Let me know if you have any questions.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Larissa!

No problem First, just make sure you're on the correct sub-level of the Master slide. I don't believe this will work if you place it on the very first slide listed in the Master. 

If you don't see them at all, are you able to share the .STORY file here? I'd be happy to take a quick look. If I'm able to find it, I can try to walk you through this :)


Larissa Behr

Hi Christine!

Ok, now i know it does work when i put a colored shape in the slidemaster. I tried it with a color different from the background color.

But still it does not overlay the red or green bars at the bottom. It stays behind them even if i select "bringt to front" in the slide master?

Does this has sth do to with the triggers?

Thank you for being patient with me! I just started to work with storyline.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Larissa,

I think there may be an easier process, actually Please try the steps below:

  • In slide view for your question, click on "Edit [Question Type]"

  • At the very bottom of the Question window, you'll see a field for "POST-QUIZ REVIEW". Now, normally, you'd enter text here or other elements to display to a user while they're reviewing their quiz. In this case, just enter a few spaces in the field. After you've entered the spaces, click "Save & Close" to return to the slide.

  • When you've returned to the slide, you'll see that a new layer has been created for "Review". Select this layer and the rectangle that's been placed on this layer. Hide the rectangle by clicking on the "eye" in the timeline.

(Note: You can click on the image above to see a larger version)

  • Now, we'll want to move to the Feedback Master. To do so, click on "View" and "Feedback Master". Select the fifth layout from the top, labeled "Review Feedback Layout". After doing so, you'll notice a little outline, similar to the shape we set to hidden earlier. Click on this outline and either hide it, or remove it. Once you've done so, add the shape (using Insert) along the bottom that matches the background for your slides. This is what's going to show up over the Correct and Incorrect feedback bar when users review their quiz. 

Once you've finished this, preview your course and it should now show the object over the Correct and Incorrect review bar like this:

Let me know if you have any questions!



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