Change the font color via keyboard (NOT in Player)?

Oct 10, 2013

I'm trying to change the font color in a textbox within Storyline (not in the player, but in Storyline proper) using only the keyboard, and I can't get it to work.  I've tried

  •  Using ALT, then H (for the home tab) then FC for Font Color
  • Adding the shortcut button to the Quick Access bar, which doesn't do anything -- it changes color for a split second so I know it's been activated, but the dialogs for color never open. 

Can anyone come up with another way to access the font color dialogs?

For the curious, I'm trying to write an AutoHotKey macro to change the shading and font color on a textbox.  The shading works beautifully, but I can't figure out a way to color text without using the mouse.  I want to avoid using the mouse because I'd have to tell AutoHotKey exactly where to click.  This isn't possible because I need to share the macro with my co-workers, all of who work at different screen resolutions, so the the exact coordinates for the font color button will vary from machine to machine. 

I've attached my existing AutoHotKey macro for anyone who is interested.  It changes the background shading to either black or white, with varying transparency depending on the key combination you use to invoke it.  To make it work, you'll have to install AutoHotKey (, then double-click the attached Storyline.ahk file.  Then, in Storyline, select a text box and press (for example) ALT+5.  Your textbox should change so it has a black background with 45% transparency.  You can change the transparency by "walking" up and down the number row.  ALT+~ is the darkest, and ALT+= is the lightest.  If you'd rather have a white background, use CTRL+ALT instead.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sharon,

Haven't looked at your macro, but did  find a way for color, but it's rather circuitous!

Once text box is active

ALT+H (for the Home tab)

Tab 24 times to get to the Font Color drop-down

Down arrow to drop-it down

Tab # of times necessary to get to desired colored, e.g., 46 times to get to a relatively dark purple!

Seems like FC should drop that color list open, but it doesn't...

Sharon Huston

I've attached the revised macro for anyone who is interested.  Now all the black textboxes get white text, and the white textboxes get black text. I didn't change the font or font size, but that wouldn't be hard to add. 

In a perfect world we'd be able to save Quick Styles, but until that happens AutoHotKey has our backs!!

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