Change the size of a shape during animation

May 27, 2015

Hi everyone,

is it possible to change tha size shape during the animation? For example, if I apply the animation to a big rectangle, at the end of the animation how can I have the rectangle smaller?




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Jordan Ash

Hi Alessio, 


What sort of animation is it you are trying to get the object to shrink with? I have managed to find two ways of getting this effect.

One way to achieve this is to animate an object with a smaller version of the same object centred over it and get it to appear during an exit animation of the larger shape (slides 1 and 2)

The easiest way I found is to start with a slide zoomed in using zoom regions and then as you zoom out it will appear that the shape is getting smaller (slide 3).

Hope this helps


Tony Konig

My shape has a border around it and I don't want to shrink it with a 1:1 ratio.  I want to make it thinner width but keep the height the same.   

Storyline can't do this.  I am using Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) in conjunction for a combined animation/eLearning, and Vyond allows you to move, rotate and size any object in one function, called "motion".  But Vyond can't do borders around a shape... can't win today


Jordan Ash

Hi Tony,

It should be possible to create this effect in PowerPoint using the Morph transition. You could then screen record this and import the video into storyline.

Alternatively, If the shape you want to squish is a simple rectangle you could achieve this by having two rectangles motion path towards each other (slide 4).

Kim Sigman


This is awesome. What about if there is text on this shape. For example, I have a rectangle that takes up about 2/3 the slide, then after each point is made, by way of animated text on that rectangle, I want the entire rectangle and all the text within it to resize to 1/3 the page (same height, just thinner width, to make room for the comparison column of text next to it? Is there a way to make the text also transition with it? I tried adding the text in as a state with a trigger, but that change is a bit abrupt. Is there a better way to do so?