Changing shape size, color, etc. during animation

Nov 27, 2016

Is there a way to change the size or any other property of a shape during an animation?  In my specific case I need to make a line longer as it moves along its motion path but I can see where it might be useful to make a rectangle bigger as it moves from left to right an other possible effects.  When I used Flash in the past I could set the beginning and ending state of an object and then Flash would create the animation that would change the object from the beginning state to the ending state.

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Godwin Vinny Carole

Hi Steve, 

Your requirement is unique, yet possible in storyline. I agree it is not as simple as flash to make changes to the properties of any shape while animating. In storyline we need to put some more efforts to achieve such output.

I've create an example for you, where a line animates on a motion path while changing it's color and width (almost looks like a flash animation).

I've attached the source file and publish for your reference.

Hope this helps you!


Steve Shoemaker

Thanks for your reply and example.  I think I want to use that in the future but I've changed my mind about the animation in the current course.  I've decided to trigger a new layer showing the lines in their new position rather than show the actual movement of the lines via animation.  I'm writing a microeconomics course with a lot of "what if" examples on graphs and I think the moving lines are a little too "cute" for a college-level course.