change the state of a picture

Dec 17, 2013


I am using pictures as buttons.  Example : you click once on a picture A and you go to the slide 2.  You click once on a picture B and you go to the slide 3 ...

I would like to change the state of the pictures which have been clicked from 'normal' to 'viewed'.  It would be nice for readers to see which topics have been visited and which not yet.

Would you be so kind to explain me how to do that ?  Nothing is happening when using triggers 'change state of'.

Kind regards.


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Michael Hinze

In order to provide a visual indication that a picture has been clicked, you need to change the bitmap that represents the Visited state. For example, you could change the brightness on the Visited state bitmap, so that it looks darker, see below for a quick example. That's just one of many options to change a state of an object. here is a tutorial on working with states:

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