Change the state of Next button on the player?


I'm working on an e-learning project where the learner is allowed to proceed to the next slide only when she / he viewed all of the content on that slide. I managed to set up conditions with variables ( Next is only working when the learner clicked all of the buttons...etc) My problem is that there is no Inactive / Hidden state for the Next button so it can be very misleading for the learner why the button is not working. 

The other solution I have come up with to disable the Next button and put it inside the slides...But I don't think it is a 100% solution. 

You can view here my sample about the problem\public\UNHCR_nav\story.html 

Is there any other prerequisities configuration possibility to automating the process of disabling / enabling next button on the engine?

Or any ideas, suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,


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Bruce Graham

Hi Mariann,

You can control the behaviour of the Next button via Triggers Variables and Conditions.

Set up a Variable such as "all slides viewed" = False.

Have it change to true when all sections complete and assign a condition to the Next button to go to next slide when this variable = True.

You can also set up a layer that says "Please view all the slide content before pressing Next", and show via Conditions and variables. There are a number of ways to do all of this.