Change the state or change the layer--novice question


I'm new to Storyline. I understand how to change the pose or change the expression of a character. But what if I want the pose AND the expression to change at the same time? Is it better via state or layer? If I do it via state, it seems like I must make two, just split seconds apart, since I can only change one thing per trigger. Is there a way to do both with one trigger? Or, must I make a new layer and change to the new layer? If I do that, then I think I have to hide the layer of the pose/expression I just used, right? (So two entries instead of one.) The solution is probably staring me in the face. What's simplest?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Janet

easy to do via states

Insert your character with the pose and expression (that will be the normal state)

Go to the states panel, click Edit states, duplicate the normal state and create a new state called Pose2

Highlight the new state (Pose 2) then go to the Design tab, click Expression and select what you want, then click pose and select what you want.

Click Done editing states.

Then you can use the trigger you want to change between the states.  Hope that helps you.

Janet Bernhards

Wendy--here's a quick follow-on question, if you don't mind one more. With my first character, I used an entrance animation. When I duplicate it and make pose 2, the animation goes with the state. Right now, I'm not seeing a way to remove it. Is this the case where I'd have to make a layer for subsequent poses and no animation, or is this another simple solution staring me in the face?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

I may not be understanding - but when I duplicate a character, I'm able to adjust it's pose and the animation is still visible but removable from the animation tab just by changing it back to none. Are you duplicating the character to change it's state on the same set up - have you looked at adjusting the states to do this, so that it's all one object? 

Janet Bernhards


Our replies criss-crossed so I didn't answer your question. I think I found the answer (in addition to my previous post). I was trying to remove the animation while in Edit States mode. The animation panel was greyed out. When I clicked done with editing, I realized I could still highlight one of the newly created states (I had duplicated the character to change the pose and expression all at once) and then apply or remove animation.

I had encountered the animation problem earlier because I was trying to do it with a layer, so the unwanted animation repeated. I only just realized that changing the state had nothing to do with the animation. All is well!