Character States - Perplexing Issue

Feb 14, 2017

Ok. Here's one for the group.

I have two illustrated chars on the slide (Lucy & Bob). What I want to do is have both in a similar pose in the Normal state. Nothing more than a standard pose. However, if the learner hovers over Lucy, I want Lucy to change pose and expression (Happy). I also want Bob to change pose and expression (Angry).

The trick is, I don't want to use triggers. Only States.

So I edit the states for Lucy, and add Bob into the Normal state. I then create a new state (hover), then change the poses and expressions for both.

Sounds like it will work. Before previewing the slide, I test both states. It seems to work as planned. However, previewing the slide is where things go south. The hover state displays the poses and expressions of the characters, but it also displays a copy of Bob's normal state in the hover state. Essentially creating two Bobs.

If this is too confusing, open the attached file and take a look. I can't figure out what the issue is.

SL2, Win7

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Mike,

Thanks for sharing your file with us! This behavior you're seeing is actually a known issue in Storyline 2 where the Hover state of an object also shows the objects in the Normal state. Our QA team is looking into this, and I'll be sure to add your experience to the report. As soon as we get new information, we'll notify you by updating this discussion. 

In the meantime, if your actual project has a white background like the sample file does, you can try adding a white rectangle behind the "Angry Bob" character in the Hover state. 

Wendy Farmer

Oops - sorry Alyssa didn't read your second paragraph before I posted...

Hi Mike

I've modified your hover state by cutting Angry Bob, adding a white shape then pasting Angry Bob back.  Not ideal but it might be a quick workaround for you.

Hope that helps or gives you an idea.

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