Change the submit interaction advancement to the next slide

Hi all,

Is there a way to change/stop the submit interaction trigger advancing to the next slide?

I would like to stay on the same slide to show immediate feedback, and let the user click a "next" or "continue" button when they want to advance.

Currently I've "fudged" this by putting a jump to previous slide action on every second slide, however this isn't a perfect solution due to doubling the slide numbers.

I've attached an example file.

Thank you in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Duncan and welcome to Heroes! 

It looks like you've created your own custom questions, but what about using the built in question which have feedback layers associated with them? If you'd like you can even customize what those say and depending on the question type provide feedback by choice (instead of by question). Here is a tutorial to get you started on using the question options within Storyline. 

Richard Reeves

Hello Ashley,

I'm running Storyline Update 4: 1311.1422.

I'm not sure your answer directly addressed Duncan's question. We're experiencing a similar issue where we have a question slide that branches depending on the answer. For example:

Given four slides: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

1.1 Question 1

           -If Answer 1: Jump to slide 1.2

           -If Answer 2: Jump to slide 1.3

           -If Answer 3: Jump to slide 1.4

This branching structure works fine with basic slides. However if we want slide 1.1 to be a question slide with a "submit interaction" trigger, we find that any branching rules are completely ignored. On submit, the question slide automatically jumps to the next ordered slide (1.2 in this example). 

Again, when we build these rules with "Basic Layout" slides, we don't observe this behavior, and it's pretty frustrating.

To illustrate the issue, I've attached two sample storyline files. "Sample1" shows branching rules using basic slides. "Sample2" shows a nearly identical branching structure with a question slide and a results slide for feedback. You will notice that in "Sample2", the user is always routed to the next ordered slide in the scene regardless of the answer selected.

As Duncan asked originally, is there a way to create these question slides while retaining the flexibility to create branched paths?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard and welcome to Heroes! 

I took a look at your second file, and saw that your were branching based on variables. I was able to use the built in feedback options to branch to those slides by:

1. Changing feedback within the quiz to by choice

2. You'll get a screen like this 

3.  The "More" button will allow you to select which slide to branch too and you won't need to track variables. 

Diane Brochu

I'm having the same problem. If I don't submit interaction when the user hits the hot spot, it doesn't register the answer, even though I have submit interaction when the user hits the "next button".

Then, if I do have submit interaction when the user hits the hot spot, it registers but skips to the results page.

I started building this with 25 slides and it wouldn't work so I took four of them to find out what was my problem. I still can't figure it out. I've added layers and removed layers and probably so cluttered up the triggers that no one else will be able to figure out what I've done.

Can someone look at this and tell me what I have done wrong? I am totally stumped and frustrated.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Diane

I stripped the story file down to 1 question so it's easier to work on and test as we go.

2 things I found that could be issues

  • the submit transaction trigger was below the jump to trigger so it was never submitting on the Draw button
  • the submit interaction option on the ribbon was set to 'Player button' which you weren't using

I changed them but now it doesn't show the feedback layer it jumps straight to the result slide but at least it is scoring correctly

I'll keep having a play

Wendy Farmer

Hi Diane

I changed the quiz type to be a pick one.

Changed the groups to 'save as picture' then removed the groups and inserted the pictures. Add the right/wrong state to the picture and adjusted the triggers.

not sure if I have made it harder or easier for you but it works as expected with less moving parts to cause issues.

Anyway hope it gives you an idea or someone else chimes in with another solution.

Good luck with your project.


Diane Brochu

Wow! Thank you Wendy! You really are a "Hero"!

I used the hotspot because I thought it was the most appropriate but I guess I was making it more complicated. I've learned two new things from you: Triggers are not the only thing I need to look at, I also need to look how the "Scoring" is set up (I didn't even know about this feature); and to watch the order of triggers.

Thank you, again, you have been most helpful!

Ingrid Dabringer

Hi Folks,

I am working on a DnD. If a user gets one wrong I give them the option of redoing it or moving forward. I would like the slide to reset to the original if they want to do the DnD slide again.

When I set the quiz attempts to multiple, then I get three new feedback layers that I don't want. Also, the slide doesn't reset when I click the redo option.

Best, Ingrid


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ingrid!  Resetting drag-and-drops takes a little extra effort.  Check out this great post by Becky which includes a link to her video tutorial.

Gerry also has another workaround here that might be helpful.  Feel free to reach out to either of them in those discussions with specific questions about their methods!