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Kamil Nowek

You cannot set back your images on the starting points because SL doesn't have this trigger. But you're able to add trigger: when you click try again button, jump to your slide with drag and drop one more time. Remeber that you must set 'reset to initial state' in the setting drag and drop slide. 

Victoria Sublette

Thanks Rebecca for the cool drag and drop interaction screencast(3 years ago). I have tried it and it almost works, but I don't get the Incorrect layer - it jumps to the page the Incorrect layer jumps to without stopping at the Incorrect layer. I have attached it. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Daniel Servan

Hi Victoria,

Why your method doesn't work because of your trigger condition.
You need 4 attempts to get the condition to true.

Here's the logic.

dafault value: tryagain = 1

first attempt: tryagain = 1 (not equal to 4) because the Increment is after the condition

second attempt: tryagain = 2 (not equal to 4)

third attempt: tryagain = 3  (not equal to 4)

fourth attempt: tryagain = 4 (TRUE, tryagain is equal to 4)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie,

Yes, if you set the slide to "reset to initial state" that would give the learner unlimited attempts. But that's where the numeric variable comes in! You can use the numeric variable to track how many attempts the learner has already used. 

Check out Becky's video to see exactly how to use that numeric variable to limit learners to 2 attempts.