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Mar 09, 2015

I have a D&D question where the user can drag 3 images and drop them on either True or False. I need to show feedback when they drop each one and then reset the dragged item to its original position if its wrong (so they can have another attempt)

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Jill McNair

Hi Luke,

Mocked up a quick example of one way you can do this. Will this format work in your situation?

The "feedback" is that the shape pops back to it's original position if it is dropped in an incorrect location, and turns green and stays put if dropped in the correct spot.

If you need more feedback than that, there is no reason you could not add more to the "Drop Correct" state - something like a Caption to the side of the box.

Check it out, and if you have any questions about how I set it up, let me know.

Hope it helps!


Emily Ruby

Hi Luke,

Another way to achieve this would be to use the Try Again feedback layer, and then jump back to the slide when they click Try Again, and have the slide reset to initial state upon revisiting.

This will have the items snap back. If you do need to limit the amount of attempts, you can add number variable to the timeline start. There are always more ways than one to achieve things, so hopefully others will jump in as well :)

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