How to stop drag and drop resetting every time?

Jun 26, 2018

Hi all! In Storyline3, I've got a drag and drop interaction I want users to manipulate, then when it's closed I want it to save what they have done so the next time anyone opens the interaction they can see what the previous person did. 

I've set the "when revisiting" properties for the the d & d layer to "resume saved state" but the published interaction is still reset to its initial state every time the course is closed and re-opened. I want it to save the state of the interaction whether all of the markers have been dragged to the drop-zone or not. 

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

**Link to published course

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Azizi Abdullah

Thanks Phil. I've tried every configuration I can think of but can't make this to do what I want. I added a slide as you suggested, but of course the "Do you wish to resume?" box pops up when re-launching. This is no good to me, as it simply resumes where we left off, on the second slide. The interaction is on the first slide. 

As I said, I want a single slide that users can manipulate, drag and drop markers to any location on the slide then save.  The next user could then open the same slide and see what the previous user had  done, and also make their own modifications. 

Perhaps this is something that Storyline was never intended for. It was just a pet project of mine, not work. Never mind. Thanks.

Tonya Thomas

I'm trying something similar, and have employed Katie's "fix" but it's not working for me.
See sample. It saves the score, but not the drag/drop positions. Also, scoring should max at 100 but dragging the same objects scores them again (I'm sure there's more variable 'coding' I'll have to do to keep that from happening, but if the doggone objects stayed in place it wouldn't be an issue!)


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