Storyline 360: Drag and drop - Change the state of a drag item to normal when returned to start point.

Apr 14, 2021

Hi all,

I've bumped into an issue with a D&D question. I found some older discussions on this topic, but I couldn't find the solution. I really hope that someone knows the solution!

It concerns a D&D where 2 out of 3 drag items need to be dropped on drop spots. Only one item is allowed in each drop target, so when a second item is dropped on a drop spot, the first item returns to the start point. When that happens, I want the first item to return to the normal state instead of 'drop incorrect'.

Sometimes, a user drags an item to a drop target that shouldn't be dragged at all. He can correct this by dropping another item to the drop target. When this happens, the state of the initially dropped item still changes to 'Drop incorrect' when the interaction is submitted.

This is the link to the interaction. The Storyline file is attached.

I'll provide some extra information to understand the triggers in the interaction.

  • The user can only submit the question when at least one of the drag items is dropped. In order to achieve this, I've created the state 'Dropped'. The submit button becomes available when the state of at least one of the drag items is 'Dropped'.
  • When the user submits the question, the items that are dropped correct should change to the state 'Correct'. Items that are dropped incorrect should change to the state 'Incorrect'.

On top of the question above, I noticed that I needed to place the triggers for the feedback on the base layer (e.g. change the state of drag items to correct/incorrect). When I placed these trigger on the feedback layer, they wouldn't work. With multiple choice question this was not a problem.

Looking forward to a response!

Kinds regards Eefje

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