Changing all pictures in a project, Articulate 360

Hi All,

Is it possible in 360 to replace all the images at once? In an effort to reduce overall file size, I want to replace each image (there are a lot) with it's compressed version. Is this possible to achieve in one step, or will I need to 'right-click' and 'change picture' on each png image?


Many thanks, again!


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Ray Cole

Since the *.story file is actually stored as a zip archive, one possibility is to copy your story file to a test folder and then rename the copy from *.story to *.zip. When you unzip the archive (right-click and choose Extract All on most versions of WIndows), you'll get a set of nested folders. Under story\media you will find all the images.

I haven't tried this, but presumably if you carefully copied the compressed versions of the images into this folder with the same names as the uncompressed images currently have there (so that the new compressed images overwrite the older, uncompressed images), you should then be able to rezip the folder structure, rename the *.zip to *.story and everything should be swapped.

The main problem is that the images in the media subfolder all have machine-generated names, so it seems like it would be almost as much effort to rename all the new images to match these machine-generated names as it would be to go into Storyline and Change Image on each one.



Felix Franke

Sorry, old thread, but I love this idea and workaround.
The computer-generated name issue could be solved like this: extract the pics from the .zip file, batch-compress them without changing the names (there are various progs which can do that) and shovel the whole lot into your .zip again (same folder of course), proceed as described.

I would love to know iof anyone has tried this. I am looking for something slightly different atm, but this could come in handy some time.

Thanks for the idea!