Media Library Replace Image from file error - "possible software defect"

Dec 12, 2019

I have a large course with custom navigation (Back and Next) buttons.

The Next button occurs 138 times in the course.  It is a rollover button with active/hover/inactive states. Each state is its own image. Each image occurs (Uses) 138 times.

I am localizing this course into 12 languages and have created French versions of each of the button's 3 states.

Using the Media Library, I select the active image, then Replace : Picture from File..., select my French active state button and all 138 instances are changed. Great! Just as planned.

I move on to the hover state and do the same, all 138 instances changed. Just as planned.

On the inactive state, I follow the same process to replace the image, when I select the French inactive state image, my Uses count goes down to 13 for the inactive state and my active Uses goes up to 263. Hover state remains unchanged at 138.

I have created a new file and replicated this issue. I also contacted support and they said they were "able to replicate the behavior demonstrated in the Peek recording and have submitted it as a possible software defect."

I have also noticed this behavior on other image replacing I am doing in this course and it is happening in some of them as well. My Back button has 148 Uses and only 1 gets "mis"placed.

Anyone seeing this issue? Any help is good help. I have bulldogged my way through 4 of the 12 languages correcting these. It takes hours per course because I have to find the incorrect Uses and replace them one at a time.

I am using the latest version of SL 360 on a Windows 10 machine.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Peter!

I peeked in your case with my teammate, Angelo, where he logged that replacing an image used for navigation with states increases or doubles the uses when replacing the image in Media Library as a bug. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

I know this oddity is impacting your work, so I promise to update you on any new developments. Here's an inside look at how we tackle bugs like this one!

Peter Allen

New project, same bug. 

I have been working on new project from a different client, and when replacing images, we are still seeing the bug when replacing images with multiple occurrences.

It seems may only happen in rollover images (i.e. images with multiple states, like you would use for buttons). And I am not perfectly certain, but it seems to affect the normal and inactive states.

Regarding the "How we tackle bugs" article that you reference, where is this issue in the 4-step process?

This is a major problem for people localizing/translating course where images need to be replaced. Every time I look at the "release notes" for the version updates, I hope for something to fix this. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter, 

Thanks for letting us know that you're still seeing the issue and the additional information about the states.

I took a look at the report and part of the steps to replicate indicated the states as well, but I'm adding your specific thought to the report.

It looks like this conversation and your case is what we are seeing regarding the impact on this issue.

Becca Levan

Hi Peter, and thank you for your patience while our team investigated this!

I'm happy to return here with an update for you—we've fixed the issue when:

  • Replacing an image used for navigation with states increases or doubles the users when replacing the image in Media Library.

Be sure to install the latest Storyline 360 update (Build 3.50.24668.0) to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes.

If this happens again, please let us know! Or you can work directly with our support engineers here.