changing correct feedback per slide

Feb 24, 2014

for this example i want to change the correct feedback slide to show a different feedback image for correct. layer.  

at the present moment they are all named correct per each slide as seen below

so when i go to see the storyline, and preview, only the correct layer with the image of the pig shows up ( image correct3) ignoring what images i inserted into  the other 2 slides for the correct layer.  

do i rename the correct feedback layer so it shows a different slide.. where do i do that? or what is the procedure for doing that?  so that i associate correct with a completely different slide from feedback master slides.

what i did originally was to go to the correct feedback slide in feedback master and created a new layout for correct, i only showed the character with the checkmark, then as i was inserting the quizzes per slide, i entered different images according to what the correct feedback should be

any help would be appreciated.

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