Changing default review feedback on result slides


In my storyline quizzes I am not adding my own feedback ut allowing storyline to use it's own setting to present the correct answers on the slide in review mode.

However some of the feedback is overlapping the answers they have given, making it difficult to read. I would like to move the feedback text box so that it doesn't overlap, but I can not see where I can do this?

It's a seemingly simple problem but it's frustrating the hell out of me! Does anyone know how to fix this?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicola,

That is drawn from your results slide options to use the "review" functionality and have the user be able to see the correct/incorrect answers. It looks like you may have multiple fill in the blanks on one slide though, and that's not the built in set up of Storyline, so those answers are being listed above your other entry points and therefore the overlap. 

You may want to look at changing the position of your text entry elements that are not generated by the fill in the blank question but the ones you've made on your own. 

Nicola Scott

Hi Ashely,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I can see that now. I thought I was using a good workaround to get a a graded question which was a little more challenging for the learners. Apparently this is not the workable solution I thought.

Is there any solution that you know of where learners can enter multiple answers to a graded question which is not multiple choice?

Any feedback welcome.



Bob Kaart

You can always make a custom quiz Nicola.

It requires a little bit of trickery, but once you made 1 slide, you could copy it for your next x amount of quiz slides!

You can select the True/False template and build your interactions on top of it. I attached an example. It's easier to show than explaining :)

  • Screen 1 shows the result of a quiz slide using a true / false template 
  • Screen 2 shows behind the scenes ( i hide the true / false box with a back ground, which will be the same background you're using in your masterslide. You can't hide the true/false tick boxes on the timeline, since it will stop functioning that way. So you'll need to be creative to hide it for the user!
  • Result slide lets you review the quiz slides, and as you can see you can move around and edit the feedback layer(per quiz slide) to whatever you like! 

Also this allows you to make your multiple choices conditions as crazy as you like it to be, because it all comes down to if the slide is "true" or "false", which you set with triggers. This means you can do tickboxes, text fields, sliders, or combine all of them! Aslong as you set your triggers right :)

Hope this helps you