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Jerson  Campos

I don' t think the individual boxes for the answers or questions can be resized. You'll have to do all of them at once or none.  

You could create a custom drag and drop interaction and than turn it into a free form interaction. This will report the answer to the quiz. This way you can create your own unique designs and the sizes you need.

Laura R

Hi Leslie,

There are a couple of other things that I could use a little help with.  Mainly - the search bar on this website is not working for me.  I have tried typing multiple things in and it always says that there were no matches to that search.  Is this a common problem for people or am I just typing in weird things?  The latest thing I tried typing was 'scenes' and 'scene'.  

I tried typing that in because I am having difficulties with my scenes in storyline.  Basically, when in 'stroyview', it does not display the scenes in chronological order (even though they were made in order etc).  See the attached file for a picture that demonstrates what I am talking about.  

Is there a reason it does this?  Is there a setting I have done wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Leslie McKerchie

Okay Laura, let's see if I can help with this.

First of all, did you know that you can utilize Google to search specific webpages and it works really well. Adrian put together a Screenr about that here:

Secondly, you can change your scene order if you need to and I think that this article will help you out with that (which you could probably Google search now and find).