Changing formatting on review correct/incorrect layer of quiz

Dec 15, 2021


I'm trying to change the fill colours that show in the correct/incorrect box when a learner reviews the answers to a quiz, after completing it.  They seem to be stuck on an olive green and a burgundy red and I'm not sure how to change these.  I've had a look at the feedback master but I can't find these anywhere! Please see attached screenshot. 

Thanks so much for your help. 



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Veronica Budnikas

Hey Kim,

Oh yeah, you can go crazy looking for that! I hope the following will help:

When the learner enters review mode. Storyline automatically adds a coloured bar at the bottom of each quiz question: a green one for correct answers and a red one for incorrect answers.

These bars are added automatically and cannot be customised or deleted (in fact, cannot be seen by the developer). However, it is possible to customise the Review layout in the Feedback Master (or each Review layer on each quiz slide) to hide the automatically-generated bars.

To do this:

1. Go to the Review layout in the Feedback Master or/and you can create an additional layer on each quiz question and name it "Review" (naming it Review is key)
2. Then, (either in Feedback Master Review layout, or on individual slide Review layer if you added one) add a rectangle in the same colour as the slide background big enough to cover the bar (so the same width as the slide and approximately 50 px in height (this depends on the Story size so you need to test it). This trick will simply cover the feedback bars
3. If you wish, add new content to the Review layout or each Review layer as desired.

Let me know if that helps!


Veronica Budnikas

Not instantly, but, you could try using variables and additional layers, maybe?

Something like:

  • Create 2 T/F var for each question, set to False, Add trigger on Correct and Incorrect layers to set the applicable var to True (say the variables are called q1_correct and q1_incorrect... on correct layer you would say "Adjust variable q1_correct to True when the timeline starts on this layer, and then the same on the Incorrect layer)
  • Create two additional layers, one for correct review feedback and one for incorrect review feedback. Add whatever content you want on those.
  • Then, add triggers on each Review layer: Show layer [correct review feedback] when the timeline starts on this layer IF variable q1_correct is equal to True.... and another saying Show layer [incorrect review feedback] when the timeline starts on this layer IF variable q1_incorrect is equal to True.

I have not tested this, but logically it should work, I think :)