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Jul 14, 2018

Help! I'm using 360 and have an assessment at the end of a course. I'm using a Results screen, and users can review or retake the quiz. After taking the quiz once and getting a passing score, they can review the quiz / answers. On the review screens, there is a bar at the bottom that says Correct or Incorrect... how do I edit these review screens?? I don't want that bar there at the bottom. See attached. The Correct/Incorrect indication is not correct, and I have my own feedback anyway. I want them to be able to review the quiz, but not see that bottom bar. The green checkmarks by the correct responses are fine. Thanks!


360 review quiz

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Robyn Millard


See this discussion Chuck.  Set a 'Review' variable to True when the Results Page timeline starts.

Make a 'Review' layer in your question slides, that displays when Review variable=True.  Make sure the elements on that layer cover the default correct and incorrect elements (because you can't get rid of them)

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