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Aug 21, 2014

Is there any way to change or edit the slides that the comes up when you review a quiz, where you can se the correct answers.

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Darren D

Hi there,

When you "insert" a new quizzing slide you can allow a learner to "review the quiz" using the results slide. They will have the ability to "review" the quiz (button is already preset) and when the review the quiz they can see the correct answers.

To do this, just use the "insert" button on the home tab. Select "new slide" and select "quizzing".

There are tabs along the top of the choices box, so choose the last tab "results" and the first option "graded results slide"

from this panel you can choose what questions you want to include in the results slide.

If this doesn't work for you, you can always add text/pictures to the different layers of the question slide itself (the correct and incorrect layers).

I hope this helps.

Nicole Legault

Hi Ludwig,

Are you referring to the following screen?

If so, you unfortunately cannot edit the correct and incorrect bars that appear at the bottom.

You can remove the checkmark that indicates which question is correct by going to the Results slide, and going to Result Slide Properties and under Options, deselect "Show incorrect correct responses when reviewing".

You could always create your own custom review layers and functionality with triggers and variables.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions.

Nicole Legault

Hey Ludvig,

You can definitely create your own custom review layer with your feedback about the answers. There are multiple ways to do this... One way is to use a simple True/False variable with some triggers to create the functionality you want.

Here's an example of the published output.

Here's a .story file you can use as a template!

Let me know if you have additional questions... Thanks! Nicole

Ludvig Palm

Thank you Nicole now i'm a little bit closer.

The only thing missing now is to get the review slide to notify the user if he answered the question correct or not.

I tried with a two textboxes one for correct and one for incorrect answer with the initial state hidden and depending on the answer it would become state normal when rewieving.

But i don't find seem to find the right "IF" in varibles, the only ones that i can find are Resault.PassPercent and so on.

And all the possible "IFs" are refering to the resault of the whole quiz and not for one specific question..

In short, i want to be able to show two differnt review slides deping on if the user answered correct or not.

Hope you understand what i mean, I could explain it better in swedish but i'm not sure it would do it more understandable for you

Nicole Legault

Hi Ludvig!

I totally understand what you're trying to achieve. I think you're on a good track with the text box that changes states depending on the answer... and with regards to not finding the right variable for a specific question, you're right, they don't exist by default so you have to create your own.

Here's how I set it up:

  • On the "Review" layer for Question 1, I added two states to the feedback caption text box, one is "Correct feedback" and one is "Incorrect feedback", and I set the default state of the feedback text box to "Hidden".
  • Next, I created a True/False variable called "Question1Correct" and I gave it a default value of False
  • On the Question 1 slide I added a trigger to the Submit button. The trigger Adjusts the variable "Question1Correct" to be equal t True IF the correct checkbox (in this case, "yellow") has the "Selected" state when the Submit button is clicked. So if the learner selects the correct answer and clicks Submit the "Question1Correct" var becomes True. If they don't answer correctly, it remains False.
  • Finally, I added a few triggers on the Review layer for Question 1. If the Question1Correct variable is = False, it shows the "Incorrect" state on the feedback box, and there's a trigger for if the Question1Correct variable is = True, it shows the "correct" state on the feedback box.

I only set it up for Question 1 for now, so you can play around and get it working for the next two questions. You'll need to create a variable for each question in your quiz to use this method

Hope this helps... good luck! Keep us posted! :)

Ezequiel Garcia

Hi Nicole!

I was reading about the ideas that you suggest to create your own custom review with layers and triggers.

In this moment, we are developing and exam with test screen mode for our salesmen in branches, but we wanna edit or put comments on our review quizes (we're using hot spot and text entry quizzes)

Which triggers or ideas do you recommend us to revisit the quiz and then the salesmen can see hot spot mistakes?  

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