Changing Hyperlinks

Hi all,

I'm building out an activity where users click on pictures, and as they click on each one it reveals specific information about it. The displayed information is updated using triggers and variables. Pretty straightforward, typical behavior.

However, one of the pieces of information that updates with each picture is a web address that needs to be hyperlinked. Each picture shows a unique website that must be linked to. Is there an easy way to set and change the hyperlinks based on a variable or trigger?

I'll have over 100 of these, so something that doesn't require an individual object to be created for each one with a lot of extra triggers would be preferred.

It's also probable that I won't be the only one updating and maintaining the project, so I really need something that'll be straightforward to others when they're in the file. I've used tricky workarounds for other things when I knew I'd be doing the updates, but this one needs to be as simple as possible.

Does anyone have any ideas or experiences for changing hyperlinks with variables or triggers? Thanks so much for your solutions and ideas!

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