Saving as a picture

Mar 31, 2015

When will this functionality be addressed in the next updates?

- selecting all of my layers and saving as a picture does not actually produce similar results in the saved picture. Often various [visible] selected layers are not captured at the point of saving. This is ridiculous and such a time wasting aspect of what should be a straightforward tool.

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Nicole Legault

Hey Lee!

Sorry to hear you're so frustrated over this! What objects are you trying to incorporate into your picture? Shapes? Characters?

Here's the steps you should follow to save a group of objects on a slide as one image: 

First, select all the objects you want to be in your saved picture, then right click and from the right-click menu you need to "Group" the objects. Next, select the group youve just created and right click on one of the corner anchors of the Group (note: IT HAS to be the group, if you accidentally right click on an item inside the group, the picture you save will only show that one item you right-clicked on). When you have right clicked on the corner anchor of the Group object, do the Save As from the right-click menu. 

This method has always worked for me. If it continues not to work, please feel free to upload that slide in question so I can test it out on my end. 

Dale Stiles

Ditto with Lee's earlier comment - this should be more straightforward.

While Nicole's explanation is appreciated, and does work when you precisely click the border edge line of the group, why would you attempt a 'Save As' with a group and want only to select a single object in a group you just created?  This is somewhat ironic in my experience with other key functionality where precision is greatly anticipated and needed (i.e., motion path) and cannot be accomplished.  Many times even an exact duplicate object will result in a different size, path, etc., in the same project!  This is remarkably frustrating when precision is necessary.

Regardless, it does work when you click the group boundary line to Save As, however I honestly do not comprehend why this would not work to click on any area of a group.

Thank you Lee for the comment, and thank you Nicole for the solution per SL2 actual function.

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