Changing Nav button restrictions based on passing Test out quiz

HI everyone - just need to know if this is even possible. We are creating a curriculum that will be assigned as required to all new and existing employees within a specific department. If users feel they are familiar with the content, we are offering a "Test Out" option at the beginning of each course. They have one attempt to pass the test out quiz. If they don't they will be forced to go through the course content pages and retake the quiz at the end. However, if they pass, I wanted to include a button that would take them back to the course content pages so they could review them if they wanted to. The Prev/Next nav buttons will be restricted since we don't want anyone to skip through any pages if they have to take the course (either they failed the test out attempt or if they chose not to test out). This brings me to my question - if a user passes the test out quiz but still wants to go back and review the content - is there a way to remove the nav button restrictions so they can skip around and not be forced to view every page? Maybe using JavaScript or a variable? I attached a visual of the course structure in case I didn't explain it very well above. Thanks for your help :)

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