Pre Test to Optout from selected Pass content

Oct 31, 2023

Hello, I want to develop a training course that starts with a Pre-test to opt out of selected scenes "sections" from the course content.

The idea is that one question from the Pre-Test is linked to one scene with related content. If the learner fails that question they will have to go through that content, but if they pass that question, they will skip that scene with related content.

How can I tell Storyline to do that?

It's worth mentioning that each scene "section" has its own quiz and the training has a final exam at the end.

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Perry Cox

Nedim’s solution works if you are going question, section, question section.

if you are wanting a pre-test where the user answers all of the questions, then as they progress through the course, it skips the sections they pass, it’s possible to do as well. 

For each question, set a variable for whether or not they passed the question. Then on the first slide of that matching  scene add a trigger that as soon as the slide starts, if the user passed the question, jump to next scene. 

Perry Cox

Sorry Adriana, I missed your follow up question. The pic below show 2 different workflows depending on whether or not you have 1 scene or multiple.

Example of Work Flow 2 Versions


Both of these work the same. In each of these, I have three Question slides and then matching content. 

For each of your questions, create a true/false variable defaulted to false.

Sample Variables

On each of your question slides, go to slide view and select your correct layer. Create a trigger that adjusts the variable for that specific question when the timeline starts on that layer. That way if they get the answer right, it triggers when the correct layer is show.

Setting trigger for question variable.

Then on the first slide of the corresponding topic, set a trigger to advance to the next topic. In the one scene version above, you would set a trigger on slide 1.4 to jump to slide 1.6 if Question 1=False. In the multi-scene example, you'd do it for slide 3.1. In this instance you could set it to jump to next scene.


Trigger to skip

Obviously, you will have some sort of a wrap up section, or a completion slide, etc. For your final topic, you would set your skip to point to that. So, if the user misses all of the Pre-Test Questions, they will see every slide in the course. If they get all of the questions correct, they will skip from one topic slide to the next, autotriggering the jump to trigger on each one and shoot straight to the wrap-up. Whether that is any necessary information they still need, or a simple congratulations you've finished the course.

I hope this helps. :)