Changing player size after publish

I have a client that purchased a course from a vendor but only has access to the published SCORM files (They will not provide the source Articulate files, and they might not even exist anywhere anymore at this point, it's unclear.)

They are hoping I can change just one setting (To go from "Lock at optimal size" to "Fill browser" because on their LMS the course is too large at it's "optimal size" and a bunch gets cut off.)

Without access to the source file, is there a way I can edit the published file somehow to make this change. If so, how?

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Sam Hill

Hi Kayla, In the published output, the story.html file (and index_lms.html file), there is a property called browserSize. This has a property of "optimal" or "fullscreen". You could experiment with changing this property to "fullscreen". This should allow the Storyline project to scale rather than stay at a fixed size.