Changing question type in stroyline 360

Nov 01, 2017


Can I change the question type from multiple choice to pick many in storyline 360?


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Shalom Mangalindan

Hi Maryam,

You can do this by removing the freeform and then adding again a freeform on the same slide, this time, selecting 'pick many.' To do this:

  1. Click on 'Slide View' on the right side panel;
  2. On the 'Insert' tab, click on 'Remove Freeform';
  3. Then add Freeform by clicking n the same button (choose whatever type of format you want).


Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

I know you can change one Freeform to another by using the Remove Freeform / Convert to Freeform but you can't go from a Graded Question type to a Freeform using the same method unfortunately.

It doesn't matter if the quiz slide is within a QB or not. Graded question types would need to be rebuilt

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