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Tom Kuhlmann

Generally speaking, radio buttons are designed for single selections and check boxes for multi selection.

You can add checkboxes to a slide and then use the convert to freeform features to make the checkboxes into a single selection item. But again, the normal convention is that they'r for multi-selection.

Chris Santos

Hi Jenny,

I would just like to confirm that by Multiple Choice questions, you are referring to choosing a single answer versus Multiple Response questions where you are expecting one or more answers.

From what I can see, there is no straight forward way of changing the default radio button for single-answer multiple choice questions.  Same thing is true for multiple-responses type of question.  Having said that, you can check out this thread - Any Way to Quickly Change Radio Buttons to Check Boxes.  There were some responses there that recommended how to do this.  Ultimately, you may end up having to redo your multiple-choice questions to multiple-response questions and select just one answer.  I wager you probably don't want to do this in any case.

However, there has been a long tradition about using radio buttons and check boxes.  You can check out the discussion about this long standing tradition in this link - Multiple Choice and Multiple Response.  I hope this last link will help you decide on whether you still want to make the change or not.  If you still want to do so, then there is that first link I gave you.

Hope it helps.

Chris S.

Jenny Merritt

Hi Marie-Pierre,

Since radio buttons are on the Multiple Choice questions and the checkboxes are on Multiple Response, I just changed the functionality of the question to be Multiple Response with only 1 correct answer. Not really a fix, but a workaround.

Good luck!