Changing Slide Layer Layout and Base layer onject deiappear

Jan 06, 2017

I found in this forum, how to change a slide layer layout, make it different to the base layer. I changed the feedback master layer by inserting a picture as background. Once I apply the new layout to my slide layer, Base Layer objects I used to see on my Slide Layer the disappear.

Any one know how to go around this.



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Ron Price

Hey Alpha

What items did you put on your Feedback Master?  If those items were larger opaque items, then it could be that they are covering up and masking your base layer items.

You may also want to check that the visibility option for the base layer has not been turned off.

That's the little eyeball in the right hand corner of the base layer in the layer menu if you are using Storyline 360, it is the checkbox if you are in Storyline 2.

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