Layout of Slide Master appearing below the base layer of a slide

Mar 09, 2015

My expectation was that objects on any of my master slide layouts will ALWAYS appear on top of objects on my base layer when that layout is selected for the slide.

However, upon confirmation, it seems that the objects appear below the objects in my base layer.

But, the objects on the master slide ALWAYS appear on top of any layout or slide layer.

How can I get the slide layout objects to appear on top of base layer objects?

Thank you for the attention.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Caesar,

Master slide layouts are set up to be a part of the base layer itself or as a part of the background. So for example, if you've add an image to a master slide that will appear as a part of the background element - where if you added a placeholder for an image, that you would then insert on the actual slide's base layer it's on the same plane as other base layer elements. Slide layers would then appear on top of the base layer in the order that they are accessed from the base layer and could continue to overlap if you went from say the base layer -> Layer 1 ->Layer 2 ->back to layer 1. 

Randall Sauchuck

Again it would be great if Storyline allowed the designer the option of positioning Slide Master elements in front of Content Slide elements or behind them.

I have tried adding elements to a Slide Layer that I include on the Slide Master. However I find there is a slight lag before this layer appears (triggered to appear when Slide Master Base Timeline starts) On slower connections this is really noticeable.

Joseph Roberson
Phil Mayor

Master slide layouts are always below.  You could use layers and set slide logic on your master layer and feedback masters to ensure your layouts are on top

I created Slide Master layout slides for 1 column, 2 column, and 3 column layouts. I assumed these background shapes (behind the text placeholders) would appear throughout all layers of any slide using that Slide Master layout. 

So….exactly how do I get these shapes to appear on every layer of the Content Slide?

*Base Layer of Content slide….boxes from Slide Master do appear:

*Layer 1 of same Content Slide….boxes do NOT appear in Preview or Publish even though they DO appear when I am editing the slide layer:

Randall Sauchuck

Joseph, Is the green bar at the bottom (footer) of Layer 1 actually part of that layer? or is that the Base layer background? If it is part of the Slide Layer background then it is covering your footer buttons. If it is NOT part of the slide layer then make sure you do not have "Hide base Layer Elements" (not the exact wording) checked in the slide layer's properties (the gear icon).


Joseph Roberson

the boxes I want to appear, but that do not, are the thin outlines around the 2 columns of the text boxes. These 2 column boxes are the containers for text that varies from layer to layer. So, when I preview or publish, they look like this:

A separate question (or is it?): the scrub bar/player bar only shows displays progress on the base layer, not on any subsequent layers. Why?

Randall Sauchuck

Joseph, You need to click on the gear icon next to the slide layer's name to set the properties. One of the properties is "allow seeking" . Use the drop down to select "Yes" This transfers the focus of the seekbar to the layers timeline.


The slide layer dialog is also where you can choose to show or hide items on the base layer when this layer is open.




Hi guys,


I just figured out a cool way to do this. I used Phil Mayor's approach.

  1. Created a new Feedback Master layout (containing navigation elements in my case)
  2. New layer on all slides called "navi"
  3. Selected new layer "navi"
  4. Right-click on the stage area of the slide and selected my custom feedback layout
  5. Added a trigger to show the "navi" layer a soon as the slide's timeline starts

After that you only have to copy the trigger from 5. and the "navi" layer to all the other slides

I attached a test project for you guys so you can unterstand the solution a little better.


Have a nice day!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Ray!

As you've stated this isn't a feature we've added in Storyline 360. We've designed Slide Masters to appear below the base layer so users can build a cohesive theme in their courses. We don't recommend using interactive objects in the Slide Masters because of their position on a slide.

Many have created workarounds to achieve this which is amazing to see! If our team changes the position of Slide Masters, we'll report back to this discussion. 

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