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Jun 01, 2018


I hoped that someone could shed a light on my issues. 

I've been creating a new brand for our e-learning with Articulate 360. And when building the slide master layouts I ran into the following issue.

Lets say I build a slide layout with content placeholders. I have a master Title and master text styles. On the right of the layout I create a placeholder for a photo.

(This placeholder is created to always have the same formatting for the imported picture. The content developer can choose their own picture as long as its in the intended size and placement. )

But here comes the issue. Now I want to place some objects over the photo. Which are always the same and thus ideal for the slide master. 

When a content developer creates a new slide and applies the layout. He/she can click on the placeholder to add a photo. But then all at once it seems that this picture is no longer on the master but on the base layer of the slide. Also it is placed on top of everything else. And the objects that I've placed over the photo on the slide master are send to back and are hidden by the photo on the base layer. 

Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this. I want to create a template and branding, but don't want the content developers to be limited with layouts where they are unable to change any picture just because it's locked on the slide master. But what I DO want is to make sure that elements that I've designed are consistent and consequent in relation to our corporate identity.

Thanks in advance, 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Harold. I understand your need. The placeholder creates an item that can be edited on the slide when that layout is applied, and thus it becomes a slide object, rather than a slide master object. And as you can see, the slide objects will always lay above slide master objects.

As a workaround, you could place the objects that need to lay on top of the placeholder on a layer on the slide master. Set a trigger on the base layer to show the layer when the timeline starts.

When your developers manipulate the placeholder on the slide using that layout, they won't see the other objects until they preview the slide. If there are just a few simple objects that don't need any other manipulation, this method may work for you.  I've attached a sample file to illustrate what I mean.

Harold Lentink


Thank your for you reply and explanation. This indeed might work, although this is not really satisfying. Since I'm the designer, I would like the templates and files to be as efficient as possible. The most ideal situation would be where I create files where they can work with effortlessly so the can focus on the content and not the design. An the template would be so that design would be so automatically applied that my workflow as a designer afterwards would be as as time efficient as possible. An placing several same triggers on each slide to me is not really considered time efficient. 

I will take it into consideration, i'm most certainly happy with your reply. Maybe there are more people with my kind of issue's who are willing to share their thoughts.  

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