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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kristen,

In the attached version of your file I have added a trigger that changes the state of the arrow to Normal when each of the shapes are Visited.

In addition, I have removed your original trigger to change the state of the arrow and also removed the arrow you had left on the second layer, as these are no longer necessary.

You may have noticed that when you try to select the arrow icon on slide 1.1, you can only do so if the mouse is hovering over any part of the arrow of the circle around it, but not on the background. This is because there is no background to the icon itself. In order to get round this, I have also added a transparent oval with no outline on top of the icon and changed the trigger so that the next slide appears when the oval is clicked on. This is a simple trick that you will probably find yourself using many times in the future and from a user's perspective it simply appears that they are clicking on your button.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kirsten

looking at your file, the three boxes don't have visited states which is why the trigger panel has a red alert flag. Also you are triggering the arrow to come in when the first box is clicked.

I would recommend

Add a visited state to the three blue boxes.

Change the trigger to change state of arrow to normal when the state of all three boxes are visited.

If that still doesn't work how you want you may need to use variables but see how this goes first.

Shout out if you need help.

kristen kline

Hey Wendy!  So essentially "clicked" state is the same thing as "visited" but you HAVE TO add in those states instead of just adding a trigger that says change when clicked?  Does that make sense?


Also, I did do that but the arrow still comes in after the last box is checked- but I want it to show up after the last box is checked AND the last boxes exit animation has finished.... Is there ANY way to complete this? I don't see an option to add it on!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kristen

see attached update to your file...

When the user clicks on the box the visited state is automatic - so you will see that on Box 3 before showing the layer so I added 3 ovals offstage with a normal and visited state and used them in the triggers. (I've left them half on stage so you can see when they change state  so just move them off).

You only had hide layer triggers on the first box so I added triggers on boxes 2 and 3 layer to hide the layer when the animation completes.

BUT, It's also a timing thing when the user clicks the boxes...if they are fast readers they will be clicking box 2 before the animation completes on box 1 - so you could disable the boxes 2 and 3 until the animation completes on Box 1 and so on.

Also be careful of trigger order in this case as SL executes in order so the change state trigger would never fire as the jump to trigger is first  You want everything happening before they jump to the 1.7 slide.

See this Peek of it and I've attached the file...hope that helps