Changing State based on value of Variable Issue

Sep 02, 2012

Hello fellow storyline users,

I am hoping that someone has already found the answer.   I basically have a slide that has an objective on it with a blank checkbox.  | have created another slide with a trigger that sets a value of true to a defined variable.  Once the variable is changed to true I should see the checkmark on the objectives slide.  I know this can be done if everything is on the same slide but I want to know if it can be done differently.  Below is a summary in my own language of what I am trying to do..

If user goes to slide 2 /clicks object / watches video/ etc, show the checkmark on slide one on the objectives slide.

I found something similar in the forum but everytime I went to open the source file i kept getting an error message saying the file was created using a newer version of storyline.  I downloaded the latest version and uninstalled mine and still have the same message.  I am hoping someone could look at the attached file and explain how I might accomplish what I am looking for.

Thank you in advance Storyline users for helping me out.

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Nancy Woinoski

 Hi Layton. Not sure how you have defined the check mark but I am going to make an assumption that you have set the initial state to hidden.

First you have to adjust the variable on the video screen. set it to true when the timeline ends or when the media ends if you want to. Ensure they watch the entire video.

Next,  you have to add a trigger to the objectives slide that says change state of check mark to normal if  variable is equal to true.

Layton Fogah

Thank you for the fast response.   I have gone at it for a few hours and have not been able to get it to work.  I must be missing something or not fully undersanding how variables work.  As you can see on the attached file i posted earlier the variable is being set to true.  But the trigger on the objective screen is still not changing the checkmark state.  Were you able to get it to work and if you did 

perhaps if you repost i can dissect it for my understanding.   Thank you again for your help.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Layton, you were on the right track with this but I made a few changes so hope this works for you - for some reason I could not preview your file so I did not see if in action but it should work.

The first thing I did was get rid of your layer on the first slide - you do not need it. I then added the trigger Change state of unchecked box to complete when the timeline starts if the variable voiceover is true.

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