Changing State of HotSpot when wrong item dragged over it (Drag and Drop interactivity question)

Mar 30, 2018

Hello team,

I have made a drag and drop interaction. I have added a trigger with which if the user drags/hovers the wrong answer in the box it highlights the box (drop box) in red. however, I am not sure how can the drop box change it's state to normal?

Again, to clarify, my intention is to create a drag and drop interaction where in if the learner drags wrong answer into the box, the box should turn red. And when the user drags the wrong answer out of the box, it should turn normal.

Please help.

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Ryan Derber

Hello Ravi.  How I would probably do this is to add a trigger to the wrong item that says to change the state of the dropbox when object intersects with the dropbox.  Then a second trigger that says to change the state of the dropbox back to normal when object intersection ends.  You would just need to add these triggers to each of the wrong items.  I'm sure there is a way to do this with variables as well, but to me this is probably the easiest method.  Hope this helps.  

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