Changing state of marker to "hidden"


I am using a marker to explain some "unlockable" buttons. The user must view a few slide layers before a button is enabled, and the marker explains, "This button is disabled until all content is viewed."

I would like to hide the marker once the button's state is normal. However, when I created a trigger for "Change state of 'Marker' to 'Hidden' when the state of 'Button' is 'Normal,'" the marker is hidden entirely.

Because this is a little complicated to explain and my project is large, I made an ugly example to attach. I would like to know if it is possible to trigger the marker to a hidden state.

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Jacob Visovatti

Russell - fantastic! What a subtle change. (Observers: Russell changed the trigger to "Change state of 'Marker' to 'Hidden' when the state of 'Button' IS NOT 'Disabled.'")

I am not sure why that would make a difference, but it works for me locally as well. Please accept my sincere gratitude!