Variable Doesn't Change

Hi Everyone,

I created a variable in a slide and when I perform the action (c;lick marker) I can see that the variable changes appropriately (value = true when marker clicked)  when I preview the slide.

However when I preview my project my variable does not change. I would like to hide a button on a page in another scene until the variable changes.and then have the button's state change from hidden to normal. I

I have a slide trigger that is looking for the variable to change, but the variable doesn't change so the button remains hidden.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Michael Hinze

The "When variablexyz changes" option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens. So if you change a variable on slide x, a trigger on slide y with the "When variablexyz changes" option would not fire, because the variable is changed somewhere else.

Change the trigger that sets the button state to "When timeline starts" and add a condition "When variable xyz = true".

Terence Dang

I have a very similar problem right now. The issue isn't that the variable changes but the trigger doesn't fire, it's more that the variable doesn't change at all.

In my example, I have two slides. The first one has a hidden image and the second has a button. When the user clicks the button it changes a True/False variable"ViewImage" to True and jumps to the previous slide. The first slide has a trigger to change state of image to normal when timeline starts and ViewImage = true.

When I preview the first slide individually the button changes the variable with no problems. However when I preview the entire scene the button jumps back to the previous slide but doesn't change Viewimage.

Does anyone know why this is occurring?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the answer in another post.