Changing States Automatically

Aug 22, 2012

I have viewed the tutorials on States and the Timeline.  Can anyone tell me if there is a way of changing a character's state with no action from the user, e.g. at a certain point in an audio script? That is, the character's expression or pose changes with the script.


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Steve Lyne

Thanks Adrian.  This thread shows how to change states when the user does something.  My issue is about the character's state changing at a particular point in the timeline, with no user interaction.  For example, in the script the phone rings and the narrator has to take a customer complaint.  I want the character to change to talking on the phone at the point the phone is answered in the audio.  I guess I can simply change the image but I thought it may be possible through States.

C German

Adrian Dean said:

Hi Steve,

To change a state requires an action, not necessarily an action from a user. The most common way would be to use a trigger and tie it to the timeline of an object.


How does one create a trigger tied to the audio timeline? I've created cues in the audio file and want to link it to different character states. Thanks.

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