changing states issue

May 23, 2016

Hi everyone! Hope you can help me. 

I have an object with 2 states: normal and activated. When the user clicks the object, it changes to "activated".  When the user drops the object in a hotspot changes to "hidden" (as this is a built-in state). But this last trigger is not working, and the object is not changing to "hidden" but it remains the same over the hotspot. Any ideas on why this is occuring?

Thanks as always for your help!

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Lance Treloar

Hi Daniela

Looks like the change to active state is conflicting with the change to hidden state.  Made a couple of changes and all seems to be working:

- the trigger to change to hidden had an error.  The object field needed to be the globooff (this is the object being dropped)

- changed the active state trigger to when mouse rolled over

Hopefully this is of some assistance.

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