Changing states of objects and the use of layers

Aug 11, 2015

Hi all, 

It's been awhile since I've been active here. Loving many of the changes I'm seeing. I'm building a map to show all the 46 locations where my company has offices. I have a map pointer that a user would hover the mouse over and the address for that location would display. I copied the icon off the internet rather than use the built in Markers. For each of the text boxes I want to organize them on 4 different layers; Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa/Middle East to keep thing manageable. I'm testing using only one icon right now just to get it working right and right now it's not working right. If everything is on one layer  hovering the mouse over the icon changes the address from hidden to normal as expected and it changes back when the mouse moves of the icon. It does not seem to work when I move the text box to a layer other than the base layer.  Seems like a very simple effect, what am I missing? Thank you for any help.

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